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Marketing and new customer acquisition is important for all businesses, and as a small business, it can be difficult to increase your exposure without spending lots of money. Goalnate will provide you with the opportunity to advertise, and reach new potential customers through its fundraising website. All you have to do is create a special offer to attract new customers. An offer that won’t cost you money! You will work closely with an advisor to decide on a deal that best helps to promote your business, without interfering with your current sources of revenue. Think of it as a way to grow your customer base, and make a profit. Your deal will be listed on all relevant fundraising campaigns. As a Goalnate vendor, you will receive additional advertising exposure through social media and networking, potentially leading to new customers. And, let’s not forget, all of this is going towards a good cause! A portion of all your deals purchased will go towards a fundraising organization.

How does it all work?
You will first be assigned a Goalnate advisor. The advisor will do a needs analysis of your business, and then help you to create a deal to offer on Goalnate. Your advisor is trained to make recommendations that would best benefit your business. This deal will be the foundation of your campaign. The advisor will work with you to establish a time frame for the campaign, restrictions for the offer, and cover other details, After the campaign is approved, your deal will go live on the Goalnate website. As a participating vendor, you will have access to the Vendor Hub. The Vendor Hub provides you with the tracking tools to monitor your campaign. You will be able to see how many deals have been purchased, redeemed, and how much you’ve earned!

How do I get started?
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